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  • GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, What Is It?

    GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been rolled out after four years of discussion and planning. This new EU framework applies to organisations in all member-states and has implications for businesses and individuals across Europe, and beyond.


    At its core, GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment for business so both citizens and businesses in the European Union can fully benefit from the digital economy.

    With an enforcement date of May 25, 2018, the GDPR is designed to unify data privacy requirements across the EU. If you market to or process the information of EU Data Subjects – which include end users, customers and employees – you need to learn how to address these key requirements.

    You can find all of the GDPR specifics by clicking here.

  • Facebook is Making BIG Changes (again)!

    Facebook Changes

    You may have heard the news, but Facebook has recently changed its algorithm which is having a BIG effect on businesses.

    It is more important now than ever that your content is relevant and engaging. The more comments, the more likely Facebook will share your posts. But don’t ask for them! Facebook penalizes those that ask for shares and comments.

    Click to learn more about these new changes to the Facebook algorithm.

  • Make a Difference for One Family!

    Thanks to many of you for your emails, texts and phone calls during Hurricane Harvey.  Thankfully, my family and I are doing fine!

    Many of you have asked how you could help, and people from all over the country are interested in connecting with a specific family.  So, if you are interested, please keep reading:

    Langham Creek Basketball Coach and FCA Leader Charles Ament and his family were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey as their house was flooded by several inches of rain water.  Like many Houstonians that don’t live in the flood plain, the Aments don’t have flood insurance.  So, they need your help!

    Coach Ament is so much more than the basketball coach and FCA leader at Langham Creek High School.  He’s a man that cares deeply about people, which is why the support and help over the last few days has been so amazing, humbling and genuine.

    A remediation team is already working on their house and discussions have been had with several potential contractors.  The estimate to get everything back in order (remediation, walls, cabinets, flooring, appliances, furniture, storage unit rental, and eventually food and other necessities as a result of the displacement) is $50,000.

    Click Here to help make this happen for the Ament family.

  • NLT on Texas Business Radio!

    Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Matt Register and Jay Curry of Texas Business Radio for a Marketing Best Practices show!

    It airs this Saturday at 8am on KPRC AM950 and is also available on the iHeart App for your computer, tablet or phone.  So, if you’re out running around tomorrow morning, tune in to KPRC AM950 at 8am.

    A big thanks to Matt and Jay for the opportunity and for making the experience fun and super easy!

  • New Site for WJA

    We are very excited to announce Willis Johnson & Associates updated website. I encourage you to Click Here to experience their fresh new look, user-friendly navigation and a thorough description of the Houston based wealth management firm that specializes in helping corporate professionals with their financial planning needs.

  • Win a High-Quality 60 Liter Cooler!

    We have a new client at NextLevel Thinking and they are in the cooler business. So, we’d like to understand your thoughts and feelings regarding coolers.

    Click Here to take a quick survey and the opportunity to win a High-Quality 60 Liter Cooler!

    Thanks for your help!!!

  • Culture*Spark is Now Open for Business!

    It’s been a year in the making, and Culture*Spark is finally open for business today!

    Sheryl Lyons, native Houstonian and experienced business leader, is opening her new consulting business, Culture Spark.


     Culture*Spark helps leaders build business environments their people love and cultures that can bring them competitive advantage.

    They do this by deliberately constructing a company culture of purpose, clarity, accountability and performance.


    Because company culture is being built with or without management’s involvement!

    Click Here to learn more.

  • Who Did Your Website?

    Last week we announced our newly created website. The response was really positive and uplifting for us.  In fact, it was a little overwhelming!


    That was the most common question that we received.  And our answer…

    “WE DID?”

    So, thanks very much to each of you that took the time to respond!!!

    If you haven’t had the chance to see our new site, Click Here to experience our fresh new look, user-friendly navigation and a description of our Houston based strategic marketing firm through the eyes of our clients.

  • It’s Here…New NextLevel Thinking Website!

    We are excited to announce our newly created website. We are now using a responsive design, which means that you’ll see essentially the same information optimized for your smart phone, tablet and desktop. We encourage you to Click Here to experience our fresh new look, user-friendly navigation and a description of our Houston based strategic marketing firm through the eyes of our clients.

    Our new website, aside from being artistically pleasing, is more agile, interactive, and easier to navigate, enabling you to quickly find what you need. Just as importantly, our key messages and value proposition are evident and clear.


  • NLT Creates Secondary Logo

    NextLevel Thinking, a Houston based strategic marketing firm, has created a brand new secondary logo! “Our primary logo has been in the market for some time and is well recognized, so it seems like a great time to introduce a secondary logo that places an emphasis on thinking,” says Eric Poerschke, NextLevel Thinking’s Managing Partner and Chief Strategic Officer.

    The secondary logo will be used on shirts and other promotional items, as well as in certain social media applications.

  • What’s Your Brand Worth?

    By David Edelman, McKinsey Partner – Digital Marketing Strategy Practice

    CEOs and executives have understood for a long time that a company’s brand is important and goes way beyond just a logo and tagline. But questions about the actual value of the brand have often relegated this vital asset to a fuzzy, feel-good, slightly nebulous item that rarely gets the executive attention it deserves.

    It turns out that companies can determine how much a brand is worth. We’ve seen this most recently in the bidding war breaking out for Steinway, which is a brand that transcends time and technology. It has legendary cache, in a way that fabled brands like Kodak or Polaroid did not. We know that strong brands with good reputations have 31% better total return to shareholders than the MSCI World average. I love this quote from Kasper Ulf Nielsen, an executive partner at the Reputation Institute, on this topic: “People’s willingness to buy, recommend, work for and invest in a company is driven 60% by their perceptions of the company, and only 40% by their perceptions of their products.”

    So how did Steinway develop such a valuable brand? Well, it starts with an excellent product. But to build a valuable brand, the company’s value and story must go beyond a single technology or product at a point in time. Coke, Nike, Starbucks all have this. There is an emotional resonance that justifies a premium. With the growth of aspirational high income households in developing markets, legendary brands like Steinway have staying potential — if the story can be extended and brought to life in new markets.

    I actually believe that a company’s brand is becoming more important in today’s digital economy. There are so many choices that customers need to make today – products, services, upgrades, channels, etc. The digital revolution has led to a proliferation of touchpoints with brands. It can be overwhelming, so a company’s brand is a critical and reassuring reference point for a customer.

    It’s also important to bear in mind that this isn’t just a B2C story. The power of brands for B2B companies is critical as well. B2B companies with strong brands outperform weak ones by 20 percent, according to an analysis my colleagues did recently.

    I play the saxophone, but I know the power of a Steinway. And now at least a few investment companies do too.

    So, how do you know how much your brand is worth?

    To learn more about brand building, Click Here to go to our site!

  • CFL Awareness Ad Wins National Award

    HOUSTON, TX (May 16, 2013) – One of NextLevel Thinking’s clients, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has won the TV Public Service Announcement Category for the 2013 Daniel Eberts Radio, TV and Film Awards for it’s 2012 holiday season awareness ad. The award was presented on May 16 at the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals 2013 Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

    For more than 20 years, ADRP’s Daniel Eberts Radio, TV and Film Awards have recognized outstanding public service announcements that dispel misconceptions and increase awareness about donating blood.

    The Blood Center’s award-winning awareness ad features Commit for Life donor and volunteer Shelley and her children, Trinity and Trey, a blood recipient. Trey was diagnosed with cancer at just 5 weeks old and received multiple transfusions as an infant throughout his treatment. Today, Trey is a healthy pre-teen, and his entire family is grateful.

  • NLT Helps Launch NBDA

    NextLevel Thinking
    is a proud sponsor and logo developer of
    The National Business Development Association
    (NBDA), which was launched today in Houston, Texas by Founder and President Christine Spray. Christine recognized, in her business development and board experience, the need for a national trade association to provide best practices to those individuals whose primary responsibility is developing business for their organization.

    Spray strongly believes that in order to be a great developer of business, you must focus on others and their needs before focusing on yourself. It’s about building relationships and trust before building your business.

    The well attended event featured a panel of business development experts who fielded a range of growth oriented questions from Houston’s own Emmy Award-winning journalist Linda Lorelle. The panelists were Bill Arend, a regional manager for Redwood City, Calif.-based software manufacturer Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL); Jeff Henningsen, executive vice president for Kansas City, Mo.-based insurance broker Lockton Inc.; and Jim Langsdale, director of business development at Chicago-based accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP.

    The next meeting is scheduled for May 8th from 7:30 am to 9:00 am at The Junior League of Houston.

  • NLT Launches Growth Advocates

    NextLevel Thinking, a marketing strategy firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, has launched a networking group made up primarily of trusted advisers such as accountants, lawyers, money managers, etc.

    The groups name is Growth Advocates and they meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at The Tasting Room – Uptown Park.

    “I visited a bunch of networking groups trying to find a good fit for my business and just couldn’t find one with the quality of individuals that I was looking for, so I started my own!”, says Eric Poerschke, Managing Partner of NextLevel Thinking.

    Founding Members Include:

    Diana Greenwood, Aspire Executive Coaching
    Daren Dahmer, Merrill Lynch
    Ted Leitch, Expense Reduction Analysts
    David Martin, Choice Exploration

    Only one person from each professional classification is permitted to join the group. The group, which officially started at the beginning of 2013, had a set number of classifications and has already grown to 19 members.

    The responsibility of each member is to understand each other’s business in such a way that they can successfully advocate for each other. The meetings are run in such a way that this will happen over time. Ultimately, this will allow members to pass qualified leads to each other.

    For more information, contact Eric Poerschke ([email protected]) or Daren Dahmer ([email protected]).