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Artificial Intelligence: The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing

Entrepreneur published an interesting read on Artificial Intelligence last week.  AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, “is the ability of a computer or computer-enabled robotic systems to process massive amounts of in-depth data and produce outcomes similar to the thought processes of humans in learning, analyzing, decision making, and problem-solving.”   We are seeing more and more applications of AI in marketing, especially with the growth of digital advertising.

Head on over to the Entrepreneur Website to read the article and learn how artificial intelligence could be added to your current marketing mix.

The article also shared a staggering estimate: “The global AI market was worth $7.35 billion in 2018, where the largest portion of revenue was stirred from enterprise applications. The market is expected to catapult to $89.84 billion by 2025.”  Read the article to learn more about the role of artificial intelligence in marketing.

Veteran’s Day 2018


“While only one day a year is dedicated solely to honoring our veterans, Americans must never forget the sacrifices that many of our fellow countrymen have made to defend our country and protect our freedoms.”

-Randy Neugebauer

2018 marks the 100 year anniversary of Veteran’s Day and the end of World War I.  Discover the origins of Armistice Day, now Veterans Day, from National Museum of American History curator Frank Blazich.

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, What Is It?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been rolled out after four years of discussion and planning. This new EU framework applies to organisations in all member-states and has implications for businesses and individuals across Europe, and beyond.


At its core, GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment for business so both citizens and businesses in the European Union can fully benefit from the digital economy.

With an enforcement date of May 25, 2018, the GDPR is designed to unify data privacy requirements across the EU. If you market to or process the information of EU Data Subjects – which include end users, customers and employees – you need to learn how to address these key requirements.

You can find all of the GDPR specifics by clicking here.

Seven Email Marketing Myths, Have You Heard of Them?

NextLevel Thinking has been using email marketing on behalf of our clients for many years.  Why?  Consider this finding.  Email has a median ROI of 122% – over 4x higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search.


However, when we first embark on an ongoing, well thought out email campaign for a client, they are always a little skeptical due to common email marketing myths.

Check out this article, 7 Email Marketing Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe.  These are similar questions that we have been asked over the years and this article does a good job of providing a reality check.

Robly: Working Remote

Beach Work

At this point most of our clients have moved to Robly Email Marketing for their email needs at our recommendation. We love their customer service, they are constantly improving their platform and offer unique features to boost open rates.

In 2017 Robly made a huge change: Robly went from an office based group in Tribeca to a fully remote organization. Take a look at the blog post written by their CEO, Adam Robinson, for his “reflections and perspectives on the pros and cons of remote work.”

As a fellow remote company, we can also see the benefits and challenges of working remotely. This month we are sharing Robinson’s perspective, but next month, we’ll share perspective from the NextLevel Team.

Click here for “Our CEO on Why Remote Work is the Best Thing Ever”

Win a High-Quality 60 Liter Cooler!

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Culture*Spark is Now Open for Business!

It’s been a year in the making, and Culture*Spark is finally open for business today!

Sheryl Lyons, native Houstonian and experienced business leader, is opening her new consulting business, Culture Spark.


 Culture*Spark helps leaders build business environments their people love and cultures that can bring them competitive advantage.

They do this by deliberately constructing a company culture of purpose, clarity, accountability and performance.


Because company culture is being built with or without management’s involvement!

Click Here to learn more.


What’s On Your List?

“The next thing you do today will be the most important thing on your agenda, because, after all, you’re doing it next. Well, perhaps it will be the most urgent thing. Or the easiest. In fact, the most important thing probably isn’t even on your agenda.” – {Seth Godin}

What’s on your list?

The Science of Persuasion

Ninety percent of selling is conviction (a strong belief or opinion), and 10 per cent is persuasion (the act of causing people to do or believe something).

– {Shiv Khera, Self Help Author and Speaker}

Click Here to see this 11 minute video called The Science of Persuasion. It is a must see for your sales
and marketing teams!

Go For The Edges!

“Go for the edges. Challenge yourself and your team to describe what those edges are, and then test which edge is most likely to deliver the marketing results you seek.” – {Seth Godin, Best Selling Author}

Your Own Resolution to Succeed

Happy New Year from NextLevel Thinking!!! “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” – {Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States}