A strategic alliance was formed between these high-tech giants, which created the need for a comprehensive “go-to-market” strategy. The challenge was to position the Compaq/Baan Solution as a key component of a company’s strategic planning process.

Once team buy-in was achieved, the Compaq/Baan solution was positioned as the strategic and preferred information technology solution in the minds of their target customers.

Network Partners

Businesses have become increasingly reliant on technology and systems like email, database, and web services. As a result, the issues and problems with this technology can quickly become priority #1. When you need help solving a critical technology problem, consider Network Partners.

When needing help solving a marketing opportunity, Network Partners picked NextLevel Thinking. Network Partners needed help marketing several of their technology solutions through a very large third party sales force. The answer to this often complicated communication task was the creation of electronic brochures that clearly explained the value of these offerings.


OGsys provides timely answers to their clients’ questions thru the relentless delivery of product innovation, education and ongoing communication. They call this accelerating answers.

As the first company to develop an oil and gas accounting software application for the personal computer, OGsys has been a pioneer in the industry for nearly 30 years.

After helping OGsys develop their accelerating answers brand, we are now making sure that their positioning and messaging stays strategically focused and evolves through words, ideas, images, and names that deliver upon the promise they are making to their current and potential customers.