Culture Spark

It’s true that a company’s culture is being built with or without management’s involvement.  So, Sheryl Lyons’ vision of helping leaders be more deliberate and more intentional in building their company’s culture is being realized at Culture Spark.

 What does Culture Spark do?  They help leaders build business environments their people love and cultures that can bring them competitive advantage.  They do this by carefully constructing a company culture of purpose, clarity, accountability and performance.  Their approach requires an honest look at the current state and a realistic vision of the future.  Does your company need a spark?

Whitaker Companies

After performing extensive research with existing and potential customers and analyzing industry trends, a strategic plan was created to position the company for success by developing a new business model that would more effectively deliver people solutions to the Whitaker market.


Incept is a conversational marketing firm that specializes in developing and strengthening relationships with your current and potential customers, on your behalf. They are the industry leader in assisting blood centers in meeting and exceeding their collection goals.

They have done this by providing customized flexible solutions, a team of customer service representatives that care about your goals and understand your needs, and by continuously evaluating your strategy to keep messaging clear and goals aligned.

So, if you are looking for customized solutions through customer conversations…let’s talk results.


SwiftLease agents are experts in helping you locate and lease small office space located in the Greater Houston Area that fits the requirements of your growing business.

We developed a corporate identity and a playful character that would show the ups and downs of trying to lease office space…as well as what SwiftLease can do for you.

Achilles Group

Achilles Group is an organization that proactively delivers human resources expertise in a cost-effective way. They take a professionally human approach by placing people at the center of everything they do. In other words, it’s all about the power in people.

Where other companies give you the next available representative, templates and website links to complete many of your HR tasks, the Achilles Group is people talking to people.

The Achilles Group…Professionally Human!