EMGS, a seabed logging company in the oil field business, came to us to try and break free from the clutter of the typical oil field marketing approach. With a new look and direction for their communications, EMGS truly benefited from our more than 15 years experience in the industry.


OGsys provides timely answers to their clients’ questions thru the relentless delivery of product innovation, education and ongoing communication. They call this accelerating answers.

As the first company to develop an oil and gas accounting software application for the personal computer, OGsys has been a pioneer in the industry for nearly 30 years.

After helping OGsys develop their accelerating answers brand, we are now making sure that their positioning and messaging stays strategically focused and evolves through words, ideas, images, and names that deliver upon the promise they are making to their current and potential customers.


Our team worked with Syntron’s leadership to facilitate the development of a Mission Statement that would guide the company’s future.

After attaining company-wide buy-in, we created and launched a brand positioning program and advertising campaign that clearly differentiated Syntron from their direct and indirect competition.

Paradigm Geophysical

The objective was simple…deliver a facelift to a geoscience organization while sustaining the integrity of the history that the company had built.

Our solution was met with open arms and the company still benefits from our leadership years later.


With a new identity and direction, our team was able to position Veritas, a global oil and gas visualization company, as an expert in this new digital modeling field.