Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

The objective of this initiative was to permanently increase the blood supply in the Texas Gulf Coast Region. The first step in the process was to understand how donors and non-donors felt about the concept of blood donation.

Our findings allowed us to guide The Blood Center out of the blood business and into the life business. The focal point was the phrase Commit for Life. This phrase became a point of differentiation and a new way of doing business.

People working together to save lives by donating blood…that is what Commit for Life is all about.


ARDMS is considered the gold standard regarding ultrasound credentialing. The assignment was to dramatically increase the number of questions in the databank in order to develop new and innovative examination models.

We quickly realized that what was truly unique about ARDMS was the ongoing collaboration they have with the sonographer community that helps shape the future of quality care and patient safety.

In order to meet the stated objective, we developed a volunteer program designed to provide a pathway and community for sonographers to grow, advance and contribute to patient care in the field of medical ultrasound.

ARDMS and You…Clearly Working Together!

Life Source

The folks at Life Source are compassionately driven and were looking for ways to communicate with those individuals willing to embrace the pursuit of impacting lives on a regular basis.

Brightening lives through blood donations means recipients and their families may have a gift of life and a promise of hope. For you as a donor, it is the selfless way of giving that comes with helping others in such an impactful way.

Brighten Life!

United Blood Services

Changing ads in a campaign from time to time may be necessary to keep it fresh, but such changes don’t have to interfere with the consistency of the brand’s voice. And that was the case with the UBS Hero brand.

The challenge was moving from helping donors feel like a hero to making blood donation an important part of who they are.

As a result, United Blood Services is now helping people find the hero in themselves!!!

The Tissue Center Of Central Texas

The Tissue Center of Central Texas wants you to know that Life is in your hands.

Your decision to become a donor is key to saving and enhancing the lives of others. All we ask is that you consider the option of donation, make the decision that’s right for you, and then share that decision with your family and friends.

Central Blood Bank

It’s simple really. Central Blood Bank is asking donors to do two things.

One, take time each quarter to brighten the lives of others in the community…by donating blood. And two, encouraging donors to share their lifesaving experience with family and friends.

Brighten Life!

San Diego Blood Bank

You are the key to making a difference. And all we ask is that you donate blood one more time each year. So, if you normally donate once a year, a second visit could help save twice the lives. If you now donate twice, how about three?

Think of the difference you can make with just one more blood donation. That’s the difference in life.

The Blood Center Of Central Texas

Austin, Texas is an island of liberalism in the vast Texas landscape. To the people who choose to make Austin their home, it is the center of the universe – the best place to live in the best state in the country.

The marketing strategy needed a unique personality to fit this distinctive city. Professionally funky seemed to work and Life is in your hands delivered.