South Jetty Coolers

In order to differentiate South Jetty Coolers in the high end cooler market, we decided to tell the story from the cooler’s perspective.  And that’s how Life from Cooler Perspective was born!

Let’s see what the cooler has to say:  I picture myself on an outdoors show, gracing the bow of a flats skiff or next to a campfire in the woods. Keeping the days catch or nights refreshments cold for days. But the reality is, I spend much of my time elsewhere. Chilling wine on the patio one evening, holding juice boxes at a birthday party the next. I’m a South Jetty Cooler. Durable, versatile.  Made for the outdoors, comfortable next door.  That’s life from a cooler perspective.

Tony Chachere’s

Our creative strategy brought the famous chef and founder Tony Chachere to life by creating his animated likeness. The fun-loving Cajun character showed up on product packaging, in-store displays and television commercials.

Mission Burritos

Mexican food was not new to the Houston restaurant scene, but this new burrito concept certainly was intriguing. The original restaurant had a very loyal following, as proven during in-store focus groups. As expansion became a reality, the need arose to tell the story in a new and creative way.

Our award winning menu scheme created an overall look, feel and experience that was unique to Mission Burritos, while providing continuity between the restaurants. We were also able to create a “To Go” experience at Mission Burritos that is second to none.

Old Smokey

Old Smokey is a familiar name to most Texans. Many have owned the barbecue grill at one time or another. However, with a market saturated with similar products and revenues on the decline, there was a critical need for viable methods of creating new growth.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the entire market, we developed a strategic plan incorporating product innovation and a vision for the future. Simultaneously, we created the award winning “Fire It Up” campaign, including the animated character named “Lil Smokey.” You could say that Old Smokey has regained their fire.