• Revitalizing Trust in Marketing

    Trust in marketing

    Trust in marketing

    Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding isn’t the only interesting news coming out of Great Britain this month.  Marketing Week published an interesting article from London-based Mention Me CEO, Andy Cockburn, highlighting the consumer decline in social media trust and avenues to grow brand trust.

    At NextLevel Thinking we wholeheartedly agree with the first suggestion:  “One of the simplest ways businesses can get started with trust marketing is to launch a referral programme. Referral is an excellent way for brands to develop their relationships with existing customers; meanwhile, new ones are introduced in a way that maximises the potential for future trust.”

    Read the full article to learn more about fostering trust in this “changing environment.”

    (Keep in mind: this article was published in the United Kingdom, so the spelling is a bit different.)