Who We Are

When we created NextLevel Thinking, a Houston marketing firm, we set out to create a virtual business. So, we have one operating unit that combines the disciplines of marketing strategy and creative thinking. That is our core competency!!!

The virtual part of our firm includes individuals or firms with expertise in project management, quantitative and qualitative marketing research, competitive intelligence, web and intranet strategy, web and intranet design, media planning and placement, photography, organizational behavior and design, search engine optimization, and social media strategy.

Our World Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas and our associates are located all over the US. For each of our projects, we put together a team that is specially qualified to address your unique needs.


Eric J. Poerschke

Eric is a marketing strategist well known for his ability to help organizations think about themselves differently and to see themselves through their customer’s eyes.

He has developed an approach by which he views companies from the outside in and the inside out. This methodology allows him to clearly understand the market where a company does business, why their customers buy from them, what makes them special and how their inner workings are hindering or helping their ability to grow and flourish.

All this thinking results in implementable strategies designed to increase revenue, lower customer acquisition costs, increase customer retention and ultimately drive profitability.

Kristen Dyson

Kristen is an accomplished marketing professional with excellent communication skills and a passion for working with people, demonstrated by more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She is passionate about all things marketing, and believes variety really is the spice of life.  From social media management and digital communications to strategic planning and branding, she thrives on a good challenge, and strives to meet and exceed her clients’ marketing needs.

Over the course of her career, Kristen has worked with clients from a multitude of fields, including food & beverage, restaurants, information technology, industrial and non-profit.

kristen dyson 3

Tanner Jones

Tanner is the owner of a website development and design firm named Tanner Creative. He started out as a one man shop back in 2000. With the help of his talented designers and programmers, Tanner Creative has successfully launched hundreds of projects.

Tanner’s team specializes in website design, WordPress integration, application development, logo creation, flash, photoshop and much much more.

Debbie Kasper

When looking for the inner workings of media strategies and client relations, look no further than Debbie Kasper. With over 25 years’ experience in the marketing industry, Debbie has positioned herself as an expert in Media Strategy, Media Placement, Customer Relations, Account Management, Creative Go Between, and Social Media Consultant.

Finding someone with these skills usually requires hiring a multitude of people. With Debbie, it comes in one sharp, intuitive package.


Tara Lockhart

Tara is a marketing professional known for her enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility and strong work ethic. Combined with her experience in marketing, public relations and sales she is able to work with organizations to achieve their full marketing potential.

Over the past 10 years Tara has worked with companies in the food, healthcare, technology, financial and consumer products industries.

Sharon McPeake

Sharon is an art director, illustrator, and graphic designer with 10+ years of experience building better brands through visual development. She’s an aesthetic chameleon with creativity to spare; generating brand assets in targeted styles to make the most impact for her clients.

Surrounded by innovative entrepreneurs where she lives in the Bay Area, Sharon has composed visual systems for a wide range of industries including fashion, editorial and tech. Along with heaps of passion, she brings a curious and playful nature to every project. Take a gander at some of her work by visiting www.sayhellodesign.com.


Ivonne Perla

Ivonne has worked as a graphic designer for over 7 years and she prides herself in her art and branding skills. She has worked with various companies ranging from non-profits to corporate industries both local and international.

Projects have included social media graphics, billboards, magazines and much more. Ivonne is passionate about creating clean, eye catching designs that cater perfectly to her client’s marketing needs.

Alison Ryu

Alison is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, studying Marketing and Communications. She is passionate about problem solving and finding creative, unconventional solutions.

Over the course of her college career, Alison has worked in sales, social media marketing, and the nonprofit sector. She loves working with others, and thrives on creative collaboration.


Kristin Steed

Kristin has worked in digital marketing since 2008, which is when she fell in love with how companies can use new marketing channels to reach their audience and customers. She’s done everything social media from launching new social media channels, executing social media ad campaigns, creating social media strategies and managing the day to day operations.

Kristin is passionate about connecting businesses to their target audiences through digital marketing.

Shiara Trumble

Over the 22 years she has been a marketing research manager, Shiara has worked with clients to thoughtfully assess their research needs, write surveys that will help them meet those needs, manage and execute the research, and carefully analyze the results for the betterment of her clients.

Shiara has used her primary and secondary research skills to help her clients gain an understanding of their market, their customers, and their employees, and where they can make changes for greater customer and employee satisfaction and greater company profitability.